My Step by Step Skincare Routine for Clear Glowing Skin


This is my step by step skincare routine that helps keep my skin looking it's best!

My skin type: I have sensitive skin that gets dry in the winter & oily in the summer

1. Face Cleanser

With warm water, I cleanse my face for at least a minute using a gentle foam, gel or cream cleanser that doesn't strip my face.

If your cleanser makes your face feel tight and really dry afterwards, that's a sign that it might be too harsh for your skin. 

2. Blackhead Pore Strip

Once a week, right after washing my face with warm water, I use a charcoal blackhead pore stip. This works perfectly after washing your face as the warm water helps 'open up your pores' to allow for a better extraction.

3. Clay Mask

After getting out as many blackheads as I could with the pore strip, it's time to do a clay mask! Clay masks help absorb the excess oil from pores and ALWAYS reduces the appearance of MY pores after just one use. 

4. Liquid Peel

I love using the chemical peels from The Body Shop as a top up after the previous steps. I use this peel once a week and sometimes a couple times a week. This chemical peel collects and removes all the dead skin from my face leaving it super smooth and bright after even just one use!

5. Facial Massage 

Before starting any facial massage, add a few drops of oil or serum into your clean hands and massage it into your skin. Facial massages are great for improving blood circulation and collegen. You can either use your hands or silicone facial cups. I tend to use both ways but either way, make sure you are not pulling down on your face. 

6. Derma-rolling

Derma-rolling is great to reduce dark spots and scars as well as help with skin renewal. It should be the last step in your routine as you are puncturing your skin's surface with tiny micro-needles. This should only be done once a week to start! Click here to read my in-depth post about derma-rolling at home! 

7. Serum

Serums are a lightweight product, usually filled with antioxidants and other benefits, that easily absorb into your skin.

8. Moisturizer + SPF

Seal the deal with a nice thick moisturizer that will help keep your skin soft and smooth all day. If your moisturizer has SPF then you're good. BUT if it doesn't, make sure you use a separate SPF to protect your delicate skin from the harmful sun rays. Also, you wouldn't want any acne or dark spots to darken in the sun!

Ultimately, taking good care of your skin will help you age naturally and gracefully. Hydration is key to reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging!


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