Travelling to Cancun, Mexico | Cheap & affordable destinations 2020


I've been to Cancun, Mexico a couple times so far and I can definitely say that Cancun is such a beautiful and affordable destination to travel to. From the colour of the water to the palm trees and everything in between.

The flight to Cancun from Vancouver is also super short (usually 4-5 hours) which is a huge bonus. Communicating and getting around is easy since most people speak english and it's such a popular tourist destination all year round!

Where to go in Cancun

  • Take a day trip by ferry to Isla Mujeres which is a beautiful island about an hour away.
  • Visit the Chichen Itza pyramids and take the tour to learn about all the interesting facts.
  • Shop at La Isla shopping mall. This is a really nice outdoor mall with tons of different stores and restaurants to check out.
  • Chill at the beach any chance you get and enjoy the light coloured hot sand on your feet and the beautiful bright blue water.

Chichen Itza Pyramid

What to eat in Cancun

If I could only recommend one place to eat in Cancun, it would be to eat at Mextreme! Their food and atmosphere is amazing (they have good reviews on trip advisor as well). Finding a place to eat is not difficult at all so just walk around until you find a place that catches your eye.

Mextreme Restaurant

When to fly to Cancun

January or February is when you can find the most affordable flights and still get amazing weather! The weather during January and February is just right. Not too hot and not cold either. Also, It's not peak season, when activities and places can get busy pretty quickly which can be annoying. You only need from a few days up to a week to really enjoy your stay in Cancun, Mexico without spending a fortune.


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    I’ve been waiting for this one!! Looks beautiful I hope to go there one day and use the tips :))

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