My tips on travelling to Marrakesh, Morocco

I spontaneously went to Marrakesh, Morocco for just under a week in 2018 and over all, it was such a beautiful experience! I wanted to share a few tips I've learned from that trip incase you were thinking of travelling to this whole new world. It truly felt like it was a whole new world for me because it was unlike any other place I'd been to before. From the extreme heat, to the shops and surrounding environment, I would definitely recommend visiting North Africa at least once in your life if you haven't already been.

Length of stay

I suggest booking your stay for at least 4 days or more if you want to go into the desert  on a camel and sleep under the stars (such an amazing experience). The reason I am suggesting this is because most of these tour packages start from at least 2 days and one night which doesn't leave much time to explore other parts of the city if you're only in the city for 3 days.

Help from locals

Don't be fooled by friendly locals who are trying to give you advice. A lot of the time they could be just trying to make money off you. While some of the tips they offer can be helpful, it's not always necessary and can be an unexpected inconvenience if you're travelling on a budget.


Educated yourself about your surroundings as much as you can because it can be so easy to get lost in the many alleys of the markets. I personally used the help of google maps, without wifi or data, by pinning the hotel I was staying at and using the streets as well as the live blue dot to guide me back to the hotel.

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