Welcome to my shop! My name is Iman and I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Sunsets and lattes are two of my favourite little pleasures!

Ever since my childhood, I grew up learning and making many DIY projects in many different categories for myself and my friends. I've loved working with my hands and have experimented many times with sewing, knitting, clay modelling, woodworking, jewelry making, graphic design and photography, to name a few. 

Now that I am a new mom, I have put my focus into my ultimate passion project which is business and sewing. In Oct 2019, I took a leap of faith and started creating my products and selling them! Creating products from scratch with a focus on every detail and having it delivered to someone who will love and enjoy wearing my products gives me the ultimate satisfaction! I love having my hands full and being busy and productive. Even with a baby, I still make time & have passion for my business. I love creating new products and launching them to the world!

Why I started Healthy Hair Accessories

I used to use regular elastic bands to tie my hair in the past for years! These elastics would always get stuck in my hair and come out with chunks of hair stuck around them. Once I rediscovered hair scrunchies, I fell in love. My hair ties weren't randomly disappearing anymore and there were no chunks of hair stuck to my scrunchies. 

Hair scrunchies tie up your hair while maintaining the condition of the hair and not causing unnecessary damage like other hair elastics out on the market. Scrunchies are meant to be more gentle on the hair compared to elastic bands.

Take care of your hair and use gentle hair ties like my scrunchies instead of elastic bands.

Scrunchie care:

Clean your scrunchies regularly to remove any oil or dirt buildup. All my hair scrunchies are machine washable and durable. 

My process:

All the hair accessories in my shop are handmade by me with love and care from start until the last stitch. I hand pick each fabric, matching threads and any other materials needed to create my hair accessories. I make a conscious effort to use less packaging in order to reduce waste. As my brand expands, I will continue to make efforts towards being more sustainable by using recyclable shipping and other eco friendly materials.
I pay close attention to every detail so that you can enjoy high quality products for everyday occasions! 

I now ship WORLDWIDE + FREE shipping to Canada!

I will continue to expand my collection of accessories available in my shops! Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date.

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Ultimately we all want the same thing, HEALTHY HAIR!

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If you have any suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to let me know! I value and appreciate your feedback.
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Wishing you all the best! 
- Iman       
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