3 Deep red velvet hair scrunchies
Red Velvet Hair Scrunchie
Red Velvet Hair Scrunchie
Deep red velvet hair scrunchie lifestyle
Deep red velvet hair scrunchie adult/teen size reference
Deep red velvet hair scrunchie kids (5+) size reference
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Set of 3 Deep Red Velvet Hair Scrunchies

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You will get:

 Set of 3 Deep red velvet hair scrunchies in the same size (Adult/Teen size OR Kids size)


Ties most hair up well in 2-3 ties depending on the amount of hair
Wear on your wrists as a fashion accessory


    ♥ Soft
    ♥ Durable
    ♥ Comfortable
    ♥ Easy to wear


    Adult/Teen Size
    Whole scrunchie: 10cm x 10cm or 4" x 4"
    Full elastic length: 18cm or 7"

    Kids Size
    Whole scrunchie: 9cm x 9cm or 3.5" x 3.5"
    Full elastic length: 15cm or 6"


    These hair scrunchies are made from a beautiful deep red velvet fabric with a floral design and embedded sparkles. 

     All my hair accessories are handmade with love and care 

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